GNSS Satellite (GIOVE-A)

PosiTim NAPEOS Services

PosiTim provides the following NAPEOS related services.

  • NAPEOS Training Course
    • Tentatively 2x per year for ~20 persons on the Canary Islands
    • On-site, local, or regional course may be organised on request
  • NAPEOS Installation and Configuration Service
    • Installation and compilation of the software on your hardware
    • Configuration and set-up of your fully automated processing
    • On-site support
  • NAPEOS Support
    • Updates of NAPEOS configuration files (e.g. satellite database)
    • Software updates for bug fixes and minor improvements
    • Support for crashes of the automated processing
    • Expert support by e-mail
    • Others like NAPEOS forum, NAPEOS user group meetings, and more
    • Software upgrades in case of a new major release

NAPEOS Training Course

See the NAPEOS training course page for detailed information on the NAPEOS training courses.

NAPEOS Installation and Configuration Service

This PosiTim NAPEOS service package includes the installation of the software on your computers. So do not worry if your preferred configuration is not included in the list of supported hardware, operating systems, and compilers. We guarantee that we will get the software running on your system!

The price of this service depends on the amount of time you want/need us to be on-site. In our experience we consider that one week of on-site support should be sufficient, especially if we can do the installation remotely before we come on-site. 

NAPEOS Support

With this service package PosiTim assures you that your solution will remain working. If the worst case, a crash of the NAPEOS system, happens we will help you to fix it and get is up and running. 

It also includes access to changing files like the satellite and transponder information which change when new satellites get launced. It also gives access to bug-fixes and small improvements (if any).

The NAPEOS Support will also assist you to merge to a new release of the NAPEOS software when it becomes available.

PosiTim NAPEOS Starter

Each of the above services may be booked seperately. However, new customers we strongly urge to order our full NAPEOS Service package which consists out of:
  • NAPEOS Training Course for two persons from your organisation
  • NAPEOS Installation and Configuarion Service
    • Including one week on-site support
  • NAPEOS Support for one full year
This "NAPEOS Starter" ensures that you will be able to use NAPEOS for your work from day 1. It saves the lenghty and cumbersome process of figuring out how to install the software and resolve unexpected compiler problems. Together with the configuration of your processing by one of our experts you will be ready to generate state of the art GNSS solutions as soon as we are finished with setting up the system. This means within 1 week!