GNSS Satellite (GIOVE-A)

GNSS Applications

What can we do with the GNSS systems!

On these pages we will discuss what we can do with GNSS systems in the high accuracy (1-100 mm) domain. Unsurpassed accuracies in the millimeter range open up many interesting opportunities and enable completely new approaches. These pages are "dynamic" as we will keep adding applicaiton descriptions as they become available. Below a short and incomplete list of high accuracy applications which we hope to describe on these pages.

  • Classical geodesy and surveying
  • Geodynamics. Monitoring of the Earth's movements and deformations
  • Seismic monitoring for Earthquacke hazards
  • Vulcano monitoring
  • Atmospheric monitoring (troposphere) to improve numerical weather predictions.
  • Space weather monitoring (ionosphere) for space situation awareness (SSA)
  • Precise Orbit Determination (POD) of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, e.g., the EU-ESA Sentinal satellites of the GMES programme
  • And many many more...
We will use our GNSS blog to announce new application descriptions on this page. So subscribe to our BLOG if you are interested or regularly visit this page to learn about high accuracy GNSS solutions and applications.