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Welcome to PosiTim!

With this website we would like to present our company PosiTim, the business areas we are interested in, and the solutions and services we offer. We are a brand new small company located near Frankfurt in the south of Hessen in Germany.

PosiTim Company Focus

PosiTim is focussed on solutions and services for the high accuracy GNSS market. We are experts in satellite navigation and with high accuracy we mean millimeters! Anyone who has worked with high accuracy GNSS software like the NASA software Gipsy or the well known Bernese GPS software package knows that it requires a significant effort and profound knowledge and understanding in order to be able to use the software packages. The main focus of our company is to help you to overcome these hurdles by offering a full service portfolio together with our high accuracy GNSS software. 

PosiTim Software NAPEOS

Our high accuracy GNSS processing software is the NAPEOS software package as developed and maintained at the European Space Opertations Centre (ESOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA). Our general manager and founder of the company, Dr. Tim Springer, has been, and still is, one of the key developers of the GNSS part of this NAPEOS software. NAPEOS is used by ESA since the beginning of 2008 for all its activities in the International GNSS Service (IGS). But within ESA the NAPEOS software has a much longer history as its development started around 1995 for the flight dynamics department within ESOC. NAPEOS is one of the best GNSS processing softwares available on the market today.

PosiTim Services Portfolio

Our service is the help you to get your high accuracy GNSS solutions up and running. This means we do the full installation and configuration of the software so that you can generate your solutions by just pressing "the button". But our services go much further than that! We provide extensive training, on request even on-site, and make sure that the software and its configuration remains up to date. An other part of our service portfolio is that we can also offer to compute the solutions for you! Saving you all the trouble of setting up and running a high accuracy GNSS solution. We generate your solutions, which is what we do best, and you do with them what you do best!

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PosiTim Solutions

Besides our full service portfolio we also provide fully tailored turn-key solutions. These solutions go far beyond the basic setup of processing GNSS data to get receiver position and time. PosiTim solutions may help you to design and implement your GNSS tracking network. It helps you in resolving the communication challenges. It takes care of all the processing efforts with carefull monitoring and analysis. Tailored dissimination of the resulting products coupled with whatever other measurements and inputs you may have.

As long as your problem has to do with GNSS and with high accuracy we are interested in providing the solution to all your problems. And we do this for post-processed as well as real-time applications.

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What's in a name?

You may wonder where the name PosiTim comes from!?

Well it is based on four different words. First of all it comes from the two words that are central to GNSS; the words Position and Time. These two keywords coupled with the first name of the company founder and the resemblence with the word positive have led to the selection of the company name PosiTim.

Further Information

Since we are a brand new company our web site is not yet completely finished. We will be expanding them over the scope of this year. On our GNSS pages you will find a lot of information regarding the satellite navigation systems like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass/Beidou. So if your are interested check them out!