GNSS Satellite (GPS Block IIR)

GNSS Frequencies and Signal Structure

GPS and Galileo frequency bands

GNSS FrequenciesThe figure below shows the allocation of the frequency bands for GPS and Galileo.

 The figure was generated rather quickly to explain this to someone who asked about it. The GLONASS and Compass/Beidou frequencies are missing. Furthermore, also the structure of the signals will be explained on this page.

So this is just for "starters"; the raw beginning of the GNSS frequencies and signals page..

GLONASS frequency spectrum

GLONASS Spectrum Here also the latest regarding the GLONASS spectrum and their CDMA future. Today, GLONASS uses FDMA.

COMPASS/BeiDou frequency spectrum

COMPASS/BeiDou Spectrum Here also the latest regarding the Compass signals.